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Indian Territory,
Warm Springs


deer Celebrating the beauty and strength of Native American
cultures & histories.


The Delaware Tribe of Indians Website

recommended Indian Territory as a "notable personal page" in the May issue!
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Critical Mass Award
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Indian Territory

He'! Temike! ("Hello! Come in!" in Delaware)
Indian resources, essays, and resources; including
information on tribes, languages, literature, art, music.

First Native American Astronaut
Successfully Completes NASA Training

feather tagr

Journal of Indian Justice

Treaties, government & legal resources, issues

Featuring Delaware Treaty History
"In 1778, when the newly-declared United States was only a spit in King George's eye ...."

Termination by Appropriation

Tribal Sovereignty, NAGPRA & related issues

Apr 9: Gorton's Buglecall
Sen. Gorton has withdrawn S 1691in favor of smaller bills; but it remains here in the
archives as a reference.

(T. Moran)
Environmental Justice:
a journal for life

"All rivers flow somewhere"
--environmental resources & issues
affecting what we all eventually share.

Indian Territory named Tripod "Best of Pod"! Thank you!

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American Indian

Indian Territory honored as an activist site.

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