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The Warm Springs portion of this homesite's name is named in honor of Victorio, famed Apache Chief, and his sister, the warrior woman Lozen, and their people. Victorio, selected by Mangas Coloradas to take over the leadership of the great leader's people, was originally chief of a band variously referred to as the Warm Springs Apaches,Mimbres, Mimbrenos,Copper Mine Apaches,Chihennes band, or Eastern Chiricahuas.

Regardless of the often-confusing variety of names used by outsiders for the band, one thing remains: Victorio and his people loved their Warm Springs homelands in SW New Mexico. As an Apache/Delaware, Welsh/English Indian woman, I felt that naming this site for Victorio and his people was a way of honoring the courage and honor of all Indian tribes across this continent. As well as, of course, honoring those that are a part of my soul.

There is one thing that needs to be mentioned here. Recently, a white writer, not understanding Lozen or her role, has created a myth that Lozen was "mannish." This incredible woman, who was a warrior woman with strong medicine, is then further denigrated by the claim that she didn't care about keeping up her appearance.

Hmmm. Well, first, oral tradition, as told to me, is that Lozen was a beautiful woman who turned down many offers of marriage. As to why she didn't marry--that's simple. She gave her heart to a stranger, rescued by Apaches, who went away; after that she dedicated her life in service to her people. Her love for her brother and her people was everything in her life.

As for how she dressed and whether or not she kept up her hairdo--what a ridiculous statement and point of view. Lozen lived a life on the warpath. As a matter of fact, she was among the last handful that it took more than 5,000 US troops to bring in. Every day, she faced battle, a struggle to feed the people while on the move, and living out in the open. She had special duties, given her warrior and medicine status.

How absurd to fault her for not worrying about her appearance! Such statements only serve to point out the speaker's lack of knowledge, understanding and respect. But now it is written down--another way to attack Apache warriors, who forever stand outside the ability to be easily captured in understanding or finished form by outsiders.

You can see a picture of this last group, and learn more about Apache imprisonment in Florida at Geronimo's Cadillac

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