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Some General Information About This Site

Welcome to this mutli-part website. Much to my surprise, these pages have grown not only in number, but in topics and styles of presentations that I never would have envisioned when I first started them. There are sections here that could stand alone as individual websites. However, due to Tripod's generous website allotment, I've decided to keep them all under the same cyber-roof.

Here's how I've organized the site.

I. Unofficial website, Delaware Tribe of Indians Official Website : Headquartered in Bartlesville, OK, the Delaware Tribe of Indians signed the first Indian treaty with the newly-formed United States, later endured more than 130 years of a forced westward hegira , and finally wound up in Indian Territory, now known as Oklahoma. Vibrant and proud, the Delaware Tribe of Indians has a strong cultural preservation program, as well as successful economic, political, and tribal governance efforts. This unofficial website is maintained here as a reference for teachers and students and also to serve as a companion site to the official website at, under "Native Resources." I'm the former webmistress for the official tribal website, but had to limit my volunteer activities.

II. Indian Territory, Warm Springs: Indian Territory: the core of my personal webpages. A variety of resources are presented, including:
Indian Territory--a general introduction to important issues and links
Journal of Indian Justice" Resources ranging from treaty history to vital current political issues, including Delaware Treaty history
Termination by Appropriation : The fight to protect tribal sovereignty, including Sen. Slade Gorton's (R-WA) continuing attack on Indian tribes.
Journal of Environmental Justice : Environmental issues and resources.

III. Other personal pages, including NASA, the weather, general political resources, and other commentary. You might also enjoy reading about America's first Native American astronaut.

There are a few things I'd like to note here.This is first and foremost a Native American website. Although I have been criticized occasionally for offering NASA and science resources on the same site, I intend to continue to do just that. I believe that "gehtto-izing" Native Americans by declaring some topics "off limits" is in itself an act of stereotyping that is refuted by reality. And, since I also feature NASA's first Native American astronaut, I think that the point is well settled.

Secondly, this site will never knowingly link to any site that offers, promotes, encourages, or charges for "Indian spirituality", online or otherwise. The spiritual and cultural heritages of Native Americans belongs to the people who live them, and it is just that simple. I also attempt to link to sites whose owners are of known good character and reputation within Indian communities.

Now, about links. There are several excellent sites that offer massive lists and indexes of Native American and Native American-related sites. I salute their efforts, and I have no desire to attempt the same thing myself. The links that I have in the various sections and journals are links to sites that I believe offer valid information in a respectful and honest way. This doesn't mean that there aren't good sites out there that I don't link to-after all, no one person knows everything! But links that I have chosen are ones that I believe serve well, with no hidden or false agendas.

And, I update frequently, so links, resources, on-line reference materials, and commentary are always increasing. I also check links frequently, but if you know of a "dead link" or a changed URL, please write me and let me know. By the way, if you send email, or leave a note in the guestbook and don't hear back from me, it is usually because the email address left gets bounced back. I make a conscientious effort to reply to all messages, as I think that your comments are one of my greatest sources of learning for future improvement.

Please feel welcomed to Indian Territory .