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About Kokopelli

A beloved southwestern Indian image and legend, Kokopelli may originally have been an Aztec trader, heading north with a parrot on his shoulder. He most likely carried a large woven bag filled with trading goods. Perhaps this is how he came to be portrayed with a hunchback, as he is seen in petroglyphs at ancient Anasazi and SW Indian sites.

It's said that the wind carried his music to many places, until canyons, natural acoustic chambers that they are, echoed and re-echoed his life-giving music. Being a very smart fellow, Kokopelli also played to let pueblos and camps know that it was Kokopelli who approached, and not an enemy. That also ensured that by the time he arrived, the welcoming feast and party were ready!

Today, Kokopelli lives as his own entity; indeed, he journeys many roads even today. I've heard his song in many places, and have learned to look for him just around every bend. Far more than just a quaint petroglyph or anthropological footnote. Kokopelli still travels among us as a symbol of Indian music, joy, adventure, and fertility.

Since Warm Springs Productions was birthed in adventure, is dedicated to American Indian issues and information, and also celebrates the many joyous forms of creativity, it seemed wise to invite Kokopelli along on this journey.

Here's another sighting of Kokopelli
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When you see Kokopelli appearing like this:

you can be sure he'll lead you back to the index , although he'll usually give you a choice between going back or moving on to another point of interest.