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To make sure that your visit flows smoothly, important topics within major sections are cross-referenced. Of course, your guide Kokopelli will always be close at hand to lead you to an interesting destination in Indian Territory! (text-only Table of Contents is here)

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For almost 2 years, Indian Territory was voted the top-ranked site in the Native American listings on Tripod;
and #5 in the entire Cultures section (voting now discontinued)..

I thank you from my heart; this site is a labor of love.

Indian Territory: Quick Links to Special Resources
Easy access to interesting & useful resources for Indian Territory.

Native American languages & linguistics
Why our native languages hold the key to cultural survival.

Journal of Indian Justice
Treaties, government & legal resources, current & continuing ssues.


Kokopelli's "hot" pick is: Geronimo's Cadillac

Lenape Lore: the Delaware Tribe of Indians

Delaware Treaty History
"In 1778, when the newly-declared United States was only a spit in King George's eye ...."

Termination by Appropriation
Tribal Sovereignty, NAGPRA & related issues, including the archives
for Sen. Gorton's repeated attacks on tribal sovereignty.
Environmental Justice: A Journal for Life
"All rivers flow somewhere" --environmental resources
& issues affecting what we all eventually share.


Visit Indian Territory's Science Station
NASA, the weather on earth and in space (from real-time radar to solar flares), wormholes, interesting webcams around the world--there's lots to explore and imagine--including the notion of a world without hate. Oh yes, there's also fractals, physics, and directions, hitchikers, to the Vogon Megadodo. Plus, NASA's first Native American astronaut!

Just...imagine..... a world without hatred...

And, just because I like it: here's the older index page with all the topical graphics that highlight each major section (takes longer to load).

Many people ask why this website's name includes "Warm Springs" here's where the Warm Springs name comes from.

If you're into politics, visit The Roadrunner's Guide to Politics:I'll tell you how to find the skeletons in those political closets, as well as lead you to top international news sources on the web!

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Updated Mar 21 2001

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