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For those who've asked, I'm glad to keep the redesigned pages here for reference purposes. Please remember that this is an unofficial site, and that it is not in any way a mirror site, but an additional effort to present information about the tribe. We plan many good features, so stay tuned. To the teachers and their students who come here, as always, thank you for yur interest, it's why I returned this section to an already fairly large website! And, good news: tribal leaders are hoping to intall servers/hardware in the new Tribal Headquarters and move the official pages inhouse. Until then, the official tribal pages are still being housed, as a courtesy, by cowboy.net at: cowboy.net Select "Native Resources" and move on from there!

And now move on to the information here!

Tribal Information & Leaders

History & Culture

Lenape Lore: Perspectives

In Memoriam: Lucy Parks Blalock

The Lenapes: A study of Hudson Valley Indians
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Marks in Time: Delaware Treaty History

Indian Territory, Warm Springs

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