The Delaware Tribe of Indians
Gift Shop

At present, the Delaware Tribe of Indians offers a mail-order gift shop via the internet. Here are some popular items and information about how to order them. The Delaware seal referred to in many of the descriptions is pictured at the top of this page.

T-Shirt with Tribal Seal.
Available in Red, White, or Black
(S, M, L $10.00) (2X, 3X $12.00)

Sweatshirt with Tribal Seal.
Available in Red, White, or Black
(L, XL $16.00) (2X $17.00) (3X $18.00)

Delaware Cap with Tribal Seal
Summer Mesh
Red, White, or Black $5.00

Delaware Cap with Embroidered
"Delaware Tribe of Indians"
Red, White, or Black $10.00

Tribal Seal Lapel Pin $3.00

Tribal Seal Button $2.00

Writing Pens with Tribal Seal $O.75

Bumper Stickers
"I Am Delaware and Proud of It" - $2.00

Drinking glass etched with
Tribal Seal - $20.00

Delaware Moccasins - Infants $15.00
Child $75.00 - Adult $150.00


Lenape Language Lessons
Tape Set 1 & 2 $15.00

Lenape Language Lessons
Tape Set 3 & 4 $15.00

Songs of the Lenape
Tape 1 $9.00

Songs of the Lenape
Tape 2 $9.00


Kik Tha We Nund: Chief Wm. Anderson
by Ruby Cranor
hardbound - $35.00, softbound - $25.00

The Lenape Indians or Delaware Indians
by Herbert Kraft - $8.00

The Indians of Lenapehoking
by Herbert Kraft - $8.00

The Lenape: Archaeology, History,
and Ethnography by Herbert Kraft - $19.00

The Delaware Indians: A History
by C. A. Weslager - $19.95

Indians of North America "The Lenape"
by Robert S. Grumet - $11.00

Charles Journeycake
by Harry M. Roark - $10.00

Lenape Indian Cooking Handbook
by Touching Leaves Woman - $4.00

The Delaware Language, by Lucy Blalock,
Bruce Pearson, and Jim Rementer - $12.00

For more books on the Lenape see
Touching Leaves Company


Indians of North America:
"The Lenape" - $34.95

Elegant Visions:
Fashion Show - $19.95

When ordering, please send your name,
address, and daytime phone number.
No COD's. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery

Shipping & Handling: Up to $10 add $1.00.
Orders over $10 add 10%

Send to: Delaware Indian Gift Shop
108 South Seneca
Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74003

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