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Lenapelady's book

Freddie Came Home & Other Coyote Tales

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"You, the reader, stand at a doorway into a true voice from Indian America. There are only two questions - are you brave enough to knock? and is your heart strong enough to take the beauty and the fire, within?"
~John D. Berry, Past President - American Indian Library Association

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Marks in Time: Delaware Treaty History
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And don't forget to check out the Walk to Remember site and to today, do just one small thing for Mother Earth. Here are two simple ones: when you have left-over water, empty it on the earth, and breathe a silent prayer for Mama Earth and all living things. Pick up not only your trash, but one piece that you see that's not yours. Miigwetch.

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NOTE: The link to _Freddie Came Home_will take you to a new website under development. However, we hope you will still find this website useful especially for the treaty, historical, and environmental resources. My thanks to the teachers, students, and friends who still write and tell me that they have found value in this website. It is my first website, when, self-taught in HTML, I began with a few pages in 1996. During the years since, I have also developed and managed other websites, including the official website for the Delaware Tribe of Indians (app. 2 l/2 years), all as give-aways.

There are no greater gifts than the ones the Creator bestows on us daily. These gifts are renewed daily when Dawn Boy comes in his shoes of yellow and we breathe in another day of life, and touch our Mother Earth. Creator's love and our true wealth extends through so much, including our relations, both blood and of the heart, the gift of giving away, our relationships with all living beings, and the gift of connecting with others in a good way. May Creator bless you greatly.

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