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Larry Kibby Presents:

The Western Shoshone Historical Preservation Society

Important historical information: The Treaty of Ruby Valley
Information about Western Shoshone Indian Tribes in Nevada.

Some useful sites (please bookmark this page before you go!)

NAGPRA Documentation by Category
This excellent NAGPRA resource also has links to tribal groups and organizations authorized for repatriation activity.

Tribal, Native Alaskan Entity, and Native Hawaiian Organization Contacts
Here's who to contact if you have questions about sites or remains

Findlaw is an essential starting point for researching law on Indian issues.

Also visit these excellent sites:

Indian Territory, Warm Springs: the lenapelady designs & presents my pages, visit her!
Native American Political Issues This outstanding site is at a new address, with a great new look!
American Indian Legislation Watch
The People's Paths

About Larry Kibby

I am an enrolled member of the Wiyot Nation of California. I am Program Director for the Western Shoshone Historic Preservation Society, established in 1993. The WSHPS was endorsed by the tribal council in 1993 to act in their behalf for preservation and protection of historic sites.

Please visit the archives to read some of my poetry and original essays, including

"An Indian Prayer Christmas Day"

Writings about Columbus Day

Our thanks to Enchanted Graphics for the wolf border and art.

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