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Indian Territory Shopping

I've decided to present selected shopping opportunities here at Indian Territory, and I'd like to share my reasons with you.

First, I think that great music, books and other items should be simply and easily available--and I think those are two of the characterics of the Web at its best. Why waste time jotting down information and then hunting for something when it's all available right here, with just a few clicks? It seemed very practical to me!

And, secondly, this site is not funded by any entity or support system other than me. Because of where I live, I pay both special long-distance charges and then also pay for my ISP on top of that--or, double charges for Web access. This website truly is a labor of love, but soon I'll be 3/4 of the way to $1,000 per year. When I read up on some of vendors, it also seemed practical that I could earn commissions on things I was already recommending to friends and correspondents anyway!

So, I felt that I could offer you convenience, my recommendations for things that I think will add to your enjoyment and knowledge, and also help pay the bills! Practical, eh?

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and to visit Indian Territory. Please bookmark this site, and come back soon!

P.S. Yes, a bookshop is coming soon!

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