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The Roadrunners' Guide to Mainstream Politics

If you're really into politics, politics, politics, run around to these sites--
but remember, watch out for Coyote!

  • The White House
  • The House of Representatives
  • Hill Source, from the House Republican Conference
  • House Whip's page includes House proceedings and an updated image of the floor
  • House Democratic leadership page

  • The Senate
  • Senate Republican Policy Committee
  • Senate Democratic Policy Committee

  • The Judiciary

  • Information on Congress, its committees and its members
  • FedWorld Information Services: Comprehensive guide to Government databases
  • Federal Government Agencies, a quick-start list

  • Parties & Persuasions

  • Democratic National Committee
  • Digital Democrats
  • Democrats Online
  • Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
  • Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
  • Republican National Committee
  • State Republican parties and candidates
  • Libertarian Party and Libertarian Web
  • The Green Parties of North America
  • National Organization for Women
  • American Civil Liberties Union

  • General Guides

  • The American Presidency a history of the office from Grolier Online
  • Ballot Access News follows efforts to get candidates on the ballot
  • Campaign finance information from American University
  • CapWeb's Guide to the U.S. Congress
  • Congressional Quarterly's American Voter
  • Congressional roll calls from Congressional Observer Publications
  • Congressional votes by representative and subject from Congressional Quarterly
  • C-SPAN's U.S. Congressional Directory The original, full-time Congressional coverage channel
  • Federal Election Commission data on campaign contributions
  • The Jefferson Project has a comprehensive set of political links
  • Kennedy School Online Political Information Network from Harvard University
  • MSNBC's Eye on Washington lets you follow your lawmakers' actions
  • National Political Index links to varied political and government sites and services
  • offers looks at major national issues from various perspectives
  • Political Science Resources --international links.
  • Project Vote Smart, a guide to the '96 election and its issues
  • Voter and registration demographics from the Census Bureau
  • Whitehouse 2000 the (very) early line from Avi Bass of Northern Illinois University

  • Political Media & Commentary

  • All Politics from Time and CNN
  • Atlantic Unbound Politics from the Atlantic Monthly
  • C-Span Program schedules and announcement speeches
  • eVote, calls itself the "political network of record for the Internet
  • George Political personalities
  • The Media Studies Center is studying how the public feels about political news coverage
  • The Netizen, Hotwired's take on the political scene
  • PBS Democracy Project
  • Roll Call, the Capitol Hill newspaper
  • The Skeleton Closet, a bipartisan listing of character allegations against the candidates

  • One of my favorite places-- Slate,
    The cyber news magazines that watches the news and the newsmakers!

    Hungry for even more government & political sources?
    Then browse the mega-links at the excellent
    Critical Mass
    government page (and check out the hundreds of other links, too!)

    Are you a real news junkie (like me?)
    Then check out the top 100 international newspapers on the web.

    p.s. This page is for Tom Brown, proud Choctaw, who actually likes Newt, but he's such a fine friend that I forgive him! Halito, Tom....and lapich knewel, Jan (proud Delaware) & Tom!

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