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Lenape Language

The Lenape language is very flowing and expressive . Despite the frequent use of Germanic-style "xch" sounds, Lenape is not guttural or harsh at all. As you listen to the words and phrases presented here, it will help to keep the following pronounciation tips at hand.

Sounds: a - father, à - up, e - gate, è - get, ë - above, i - me,
ì - pick, o - open, ò - for, u - boot, ù - look, x - nacht (as in German).

The stress in Lenape usually falls on the next to last syllable.
WIn these samples, when the stress on any other, the vowel that is stressed is underlined _ . And, remember that there is no "r" sound in Lenape.

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Three clans are remembered from pre-contact days: Turtle, Turkey, and Wolf. We have chosen to use the turtle to guide you to historical & cultural information; the turkey to point out modern-day news and activities, and the wolf to signal our presentation of Lenape language.

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