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Indian Territory,
Warm Springs


deer Celebrating the beauty and strength of Native American
cultures & histories.


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Indian Territory

He'! Temike! ("Hello! Come in!" in Delaware)
Indian resources, essays, and resources; including
information on tribes, languages, literature, art, music.

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Journal of Indian Justice

Treaties, government & legal resources, issues

NOW OPEN! Featuring Delaware Treaty History

"In 1778, when the newly-declared United States was only a spit in King George's eye ...."

Environmental Justice
a journal for life

Current concerns & background on environmental issues affecting Indian Territory and beyond (reopening soon)


Termination by Appropriation

Issues affecting tribal sovereignty,

Archives for HR 2107, Sen. Gorton issues

(reopening soon)

The Roadrunners Guide to Politics

Links to governmental & political resources


American Indian
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The Warm Springs portion of this homesite's name is named in honor of Victorio, famed Apache Chief, and his sister, the warrior woman Lozen. Victorio, selected by Mangas Coloradas to take over the leadership of the great leader's people, was originally chief of a band variously referred to as the Warm Springs Apaches, Mimbres, Mimbrenos, or Chihennes band. Regardless of the various name used by outsiders, the fact remains that Victorio and his people loved their Warm Springs homelands in SW New Mexico. As a Delaware/Apache, Welsh/English Indian woman, I felt that naming this site for Victorio and his people was a way of honoring the courage and honor of all Indian tribes across this continent. We are different tribes, but one people.

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