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Common Words and Phrases in Lenape - Page 2

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Click the Lenape Word to Hear Pronounciation
Kulamàlsi hàch? Are you well?
nulamàlsi I am well
balsi I am sick
nëwikwihëla I am tired
dakòhchi I am cold
mënihi Give me a drink
mushhakòt the sky is clear
kùmhòkòt the sky is cloudy
pèthakhòn it is thundering
kshàxën it is windy
wine it is snowing
ahas crow
òkwës fox
chingwe bobcat
pukwès mouse
sàngwe weasel
tëme wolf
xanikw squirrel
chulëns       Click here for bird names bird
dalëmuns my pet
kwëtash six
nishash seven
xash eight
pèshkung nine
tèlën ten
kwëtash , nishash , xash, pèshkung, tèlën six thru ten

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Sounds: a - father, à - up, e - gate, è - get, ë - above, i - me,
ì - pick, o - open, ò - for, u - boot, ù - look, x - nacht (as in German).

The stress in Lenape usually falls on the next to last syllable.
When it falls on any other, the vowel that is stressed is underlined _ .

These sample words are from the Lenape Language Lessons:
Lessons 1 - 2 (Set 1).
This is a cassette tape and booklet.
Lessons 3 -4 (Set 2) also available. Lessons are available from:

Delaware Tribal Gift Shop
108 S. Seneca
Bartlesville, OK, 74003.

Cost is $15.00 per Set plus $4.00 mailing.

For more information write or call:

Delaware Tribal Headquarters
108 S. Seneca
Bartlesville, OK 74003

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