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Delaware Days, Then & Now

There is much to learn about the Delawares, or the Lenni Lenape. We were the first Native American tribe to sign a treaty with the then-struggling United States. back in 1778. Due to our skill in diplomacy and our respected status among other tribes, we were often referred to as the "Grandfathers" by other northeastern Indian tribes.

Our original homelands, called "Lenapehoking", included New Jersey, easetern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, a small part of SW Connecticut, and a large area of southern New York state. As European settlers came to this land, the Delawares were slowly forced westward. It is not unfair to say that at one point, our ancestors suffered through more than a dozen "Trails of Tears" during an approximate 130-year exodus before we were finally settled, and allowed to stay, in northeastern Oklahoma.

We are proud of our ancestors, and also proud of our modern-day Delaware tribe and our accomplishments. We hope that you enjoy visiting this site, and we invite you to take your time listening to our language, seeing pictures of our historical and modern lives, and learning about the Delaware Tribe of Indians.

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