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Common Words and Phrases in Lenape - Page 1



Hello! (or) Hi!
Làpìch knewël I will see you again. (Goodbye)
tëmike Come in! (or) Go in!
lëmatahpi Sit down!
wëndaxa Come here!
mitsi Eat! (speaking to one person)
mitsikw You eat! (speaking to two or more)
mitsitàm Let's eat!
tukihëla Wake up!
taktani I don't know
ngatupwi I am hungry
ngatusëmwi I am thirsty
ngatungòm I am sleepy
mili kàpi Give me some coffee
Lënape nàn He (or she) is a Lenape
Lënape hàch nàn Is he a Lenape?
ktalënixsi hàch Do you speak Lenape?
kèxiti a little
kèku hàch lakeyu What tribe (or nationality) is he?
wëli kishku It is a good day
lëlëwàxën There is a breeze
shëlànde It is a hot day
sukëlan It is raining
kwëti one
nisha two
naxa three
newa four
palenàxk five
Sounds: a - father, à - up, e - gate, è - get, ë - above, i - me,
ì - pick, o - open, ò - for, u - boot, ù - look, x - nacht (as in German).

The stress in Lenape usually falls on the next to last syllable.
When it falls on any other, the vowel that is stressed is underlined _ .